Every 17 minutes an American dies by suicide. It is said that the group that has the most to live for and the group that has lived the most are the highest risk. Deaths by suicide are the third leading cause of death in young people and the second leading cause of death among college students. These high rates are only surpassed by the numbers of elders who die by suicide annually. Although there is a general acknowledgment that it is a major problem, many lack a specific suicide prevention initiative on their campuses and in their organizations. Fortunately, many of the keys to preventing suicides are found in strategies that raise awareness concerning suicide prevention, normalize discussions surrounding mental health issues, and reduce the stigma associated with seeking help. There are some practical steps that an organization can take to implement these types of strategies and help reduce the risk of suicide among various populations and risk groups.

Daytona State College working together with Seminole State College and the University of Central Florida (Daytona Campus) under a Garrett Lee Smith College Campus Suicide Prevention Grant developed Project SPEAK (Suicide Prevention Education And Knowledge). Project SPEAK will be hosting a two-day “Matter of Life & Death 2012, Conference on Suicide Prevention” which will focus on suicide prevention in various settings. This will be our third annual conference and we have decided to broaden the scope of the event. The educational objective of the conference is to highlight the significance of the issue of suicide prevention and provide practical strategies to help develop specific infrastructure. It is our intent to provide walk away strategies which are customizable and implementable to meet the needs of individual groups and organizations.

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* 7. Continuing Education Credits will be offered for individuals licensed by the State of Florida and need to earn CEU’s including nurses, LMHC, LMFT, and LCSW. For more information or to reserve your CEUs click here: Email Us, number of continuing education credits and price TBA. Call the Institute for Health Services for details…386 506-3522 Daytona State College’s Institute for Health Services will be awarding CEU’s for Health Occupations for participation in our upcoming Matter of Life & Death Suicide Prevention Conference. They will be awarding a total of 12 hours (6 CEU’s on Thursday and 6 CEU’s on Friday) approved for nurses, CNA’s, social workers, medical assistants, massage therapists, nursing home administrators, occupational and physical therapists and assistants, nutritionists, dieticians, and respiratory therapists. The cost for the continuing education is $40 for one day (6CEU’s) or $75 for both days (12 CEU’s). Pre-registration and pre-payment is recommended before the conference begins to save time at the registration the morning of the conference. For more information about the CEU’s and pre-payment you can call the Institute for Health Services at Daytona State College at (386) 506-3522 (If the answering machine is on please leave a message and someone will call you back). Would you like to receive CEU Credits for your involvement in the event? Applications for CEUs will also be available at the event. (There will be a small fee for continuing education credits)

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