Together, we’re refreshing The New Zealand Curriculum (NZC) so that schools and communities are better supported to do what they do best: create rich and responsive learning that helps every ākonga (learner) realise their goals and aspirations.  

We would like feedback on the early design work of the mathematics and statistics learning area. We want to know whether this content will improve the learning experiences of ākonga. This content has been developed from the current NZC and has been refreshed through the lenses honouring Te Tiriti and being inclusive of all ākonga. We want to know if you see yourselves, your learners and/or your child reflected in the content, that the learning that matters is clear, and that it is easy to use

This discussion will take about 1 hour. It is expected that it is a group exercise, so please record your answers as a group and complete only ONE survey per group. For example, a group of teachers who teach curriculum content aimed at Years 1-3 in your school would work collaboratively to complete one survey while another group of teachers who teach curriculum content aimed at Years 4-6 would complete a separate one. 

When you registered to take part in this feedback, a content pack was sent to your school. You can also access an electronic version at Beside the title of each section of the survey, you will see a page number which corresponds with your content pack. We recommend having the booklet open as you progress through the survey. 

This survey does not intend to collect any personal information which is associated with an identifiable individual. However, if any such information is provided, it will be treated in accordance with the Privacy Act 2020 and the Ministry’s general privacy statement on its website.

We ask that you provide your school name for the purpose of demographic reporting. No individuals or schools will be named or identified in any reports written from this feedback process. The New Zealand Council for Educational Research (NZCER) will be analysing the feedback and writing a report for the Ministry of Education. Anonymised submissions will be subject to release if they are requested under the Official Information Act.

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