MathJax is third-party software which creates user-friendly html displays of complicated math formulas.
Your responses to these 5 simple questions can help to improve MathJax and the way we present it as an option for our researchers.

1. How useful do you find the MathJax presentation?

2. How likely are you to use the MathJax features (e.g., copy and paste math, zoom, compatibility with screen-readers, etc.)?

3. Which MathJax features interest you the most?

4. What is your overall opinion of the full-text HTML rendering area compared to that found on other journal websites?

5. We might wish to contact you in regard to your responses.
If you're ok with us sending you a follow-up, please provide your email address.

If you wish to report a problem with MathJax, please send an email to Be as specific as possible and include all pertinent information (url, description of the problem, etc.)