1. Letter from the Materials Review Committee

Dear SMART Recovery Volunteers:

Have you ever designed a flyer or a brochure to publicize SMART Recovery meetings in your community? Or perhaps you have made a handout based on one of the tools for use in your meetings? If so, that’s great and you are welcome to continue to do so! However, if you found that your creation has been especially useful to increase awareness of the SMART Recovery program, or in helping your meeting participants to grasp a specific tool, then perhaps you might like to share your creation with a wider audience. We would love to have you send a copy of the material to the Materials Review Committee for our review and potential widespread distribution.

The Committee, composed of volunteers from throughout various areas of the SMART organization, requests that you complete and submit the following form, and send an email to christif@smartrecovery.org with a copy of the material you are submitting attached.

Please note that the questions contained within the form are not meant to be prohibitive. Rather, they point out the specific criteria the Materials Review Committee is looking for and at during their review of submitted materials. It also helps us determine where YOU foresee the best use of your material and how to best share the material with the intended audience(s). We are especially interested in finding unique materials that will fill any missing gaps in the current offerings of SMART Recovery.

If you are interested in being a part of the Materials Review Committee, we are seeking volunteers. Please contact Christi at christif@smartrecovery.org for additional information.

Thanks for all you do for SMART Recovery!


Elaine Appel, Chair
Materials Review Committee