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As a leader in the nonprofit sector, do you often feel like you would benefit from sharing with others in your position? Do you find value in hearing about the experiences and illustrations of best practices and solutions to common challenges in other nonprofits?

You are not alone. There is a commonality in the experiences you have. We know that from working with so many nonprofit leaders, much can be gained through sharing.

That’s why we created Mastermind Circles. These free, small group, virtual gatherings of nonprofit people like yourself, in regularly scheduled, facilitated and inspiring conversation around questions, answers, and solutions for you and your organization, are your community for learning, encouragement, and innovation.  

As a participant in a Mastermind Circle, you will be paired up with others in your profession, role, or capacity. Alternatively, we are happy to facilitate a Mastermind Circle of individuals you assemble- we love to meet new friends!

Once per month, your Mastermind Circle will meet virtually for 60 minutes in our video conferencing room with a Harvest professional, who will facilitate discussion aimed at your specific needs and overall success. Each member will be encouraged to set goals and with our help, work toward achieving impact.

Additionally, guest speakers will bring new ideas and stimulate debate, and resources will be shared for your use - tools and templates as needed - all to inspire and help you to succeed. 

If this sounds like you- give us a shout below with some more details. We will reach out on receiving your information.

Welcome to Mastermind Circles, your community of sharing, caring, and growth!
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