What do YOU think?


* 2. Check here to get text messages about our fight for a fair contract. SEIU will never charge you for text messages, but your carrier message and data rates may apply.

* 3. In what language would it be easiest to receive information from your union?

* 4. Start time of your shift (if you start at different times on different days, please list your start time for each day):

* 5. What is your top priority for your new contract?

* 6. What do you think would be a fair wage increase?


* 7. Choose the ONE answer that you most agree with:

* 8. Choose the ONE answer that you most agree with:

* 9. Have you ever come to work when you were
too sick to work?

* 10. In order to win sick days, we will need to be able to give the companies examples of why this is such an important issue. Please tell us any stories of times that you have come to work sick, or when someone you know has gone to work sick.

Right now, someone who has been working for 2 years gets paid the same as someone who has been working for 15 years. But people who stay with the company for longer get a floating holiday, more vacation,and their birthday as a holiday.

* 11. Choose the answer that you most agree with:


Many janitors are struggling under heavy workloads. It is a top priority to have fair rules about workload in our next contract. To help with this, please answer the following questions:

* 12. Please select how often you skip breaks or lunch because otherwise you will not get your work done (note: please answer this question honestly – we will not tell any employers the names of anyone who skips their breaks):

* 13. Have you ever been hurt because you had too much work or the work was too heavy?


Right now, janitors who have insurance can get $150 per week if they are off for more than a week for an illness or injury. But $150 is not enough money to survive.

* 14. If you have a story of struggling because you were off work due to an illness or injury, please write your story here:

* 15. Please list any other improvements or changes you would like to see in your new contract:


With over 1500 janitors in our union contract, we will need everyone’s help to make sure that all janitors know about important meetings and rallies. But no one can call all 1500 people!

* 16. Please list the people or groups of people (for example, “swing shift at Building X”) who you will commit to keeping in touch with to make sure they know what’s going on:


The bargaining team is made up of janitors who will work with the staff of the union to negotiate a new contract with the companies. Bargaining team members will be taken off work and reimbursed for any wages that they lose, but they will also need to be at a large number of meetings outside of work hours.

Childcare can be provided for bargaining team members with children.

* 17. To represent Local 49 members in bargaining I nominate:

The vote for the bargaining team members will be held at the Contract Kick-Off on Saturday, April 14th, 1:00-2:00 pm, at the SEIU Local 49 union hall.

Questions? Call the Member Resource Center at 503-964-5311