Massmouth produces Stories from the Stage in partnership with WGBH TV and the World Channel. Each live performance filmed in Boston features eight tellers sharing six minute stories. The live event is edited into two television episodes featuring three tellers each. The remaining stories may be featured on social media or later episodes. Storytellers can be seasoned professionals or newcomers to the craft. Thank you for sharing your stories with us.  
NOTE: The spring line has been expanded with new dates and themes. If you completed the earlier survey with the original dates/themes, you do not need to fill this survey out again. However, if you want to change your pitch or pitch an additional story for one of the new dates, please complete this survey. Thank you in advance. 

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1. Contact information

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2. Click ALL the dates below for which you are available. Please note that you will need to be on set at WGBH in Boston from 4-10pm. 

PRIOR TELLERS: If you have already performed at a live Stories from the Stage show, you may not pitch again at this time. Even if your story was not selected, WGBH may use at a later time. Massmouth will reach out to former TV tellers if we would like you to return. Thank you for understanding. 

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Write a few paragraphs PER STORY (between 150-250 words) that describes the arc (beginning, middle, and end). Also describe the TONE (funny, sad, sarcastic, etc...). Stories must all be true and first-person. Also, they must be able to be told in 5-7 minutes. There are no exceptions. TV cannot use in an episode if the story is longer.