1. Introduction

10% of survey complete.
Thanks for taking the time to provide input using this online tool.

We know you are busy! Just review and provide feedback on the policy sections you have time for and care about. (Of course, we'd love you to give feedback on all of them if you can!)
Step 1: Review the draft plan. It can be downloaded from massetbc.com/iocp or a paper copy can be picked up from the Village Office.

Step 2: Complete this tool for any/all of the 7 policy sections, letting us know...  
1. Do you support the goals and the policies (or not)? 
2. What changes would you make to them? 
3. What actions would you suggest as the first steps Masset should take to implement the goals and policies? 

Here are the 7 areas/sections of the plan, which correspond to the following pages in this online tool:
1. Land Use and Natural Areas
2. Residential Areas and Housing
3. Commercial and Industrial Areas
4. Infrastructure (energy, transportation, water, waste, communications)
5. Recreation, Culture and Learning
6. Community and Individual Health
7. Governance and Capacity

Please note: 
1. Input deadline is the end of September 12th.
2. Before this date, you can come back and change your input - even after completing the survey.

If you encounter any problems while taking this survey, please contact: 
Shannon Gordon
Whistler Centre for Sustainability