1. Welcome

This survey will provide MWPCA, NEBRA, and Mass CEC with up-to-date information on wastewater solids (sludge) management in Massachusetts.  For information only.  Not for compliance.
25 minutes to fill in.
Provide data for 2018.
Only one survey response per WWTP please
To enter data for a 2nd WWTP, use a different computer and just click to the survey link again.
You will need: Your 2018 EPA Part 503 Sludge Report (completed & filed for Feb. 19, 2019) or similar reporting on solids/sludge management in 2018.
Want help filling in the data by phone? Or have questions?
Call Mickey Nowak at 774-276-9722 or Ned Beecher at 603-323-7654.

– Please follow directions carefully. If you are unsure of something, call us (numbers above).
– For numerical answers, please provide your best estimate as one number, no text or commas.
– If you need to explain something, please use the comment boxes found at the end of each page.

Run out of time?  If you need to leave in the middle of completing the survey, that's okay.  When you return, use the same computer, and you can pick up where you left off. This also means you can go back in and correct something later, if you wish. However, this also means that you can only complete one survey from any single computer.  Use another computer to enter data from a 2nd WWTP. 

What will be done with the data you provide?
We will not share your contact information.  The sludge management data you provide will become part of a report for MassCEC and will be publicly available.  Your WWTP will be listed along with about 120 others, all providing the same data. 

Want to see the results?
The results from this survey will be available to you.  If you provide your email address (at the end of the survey), we will send you a copy.  We will not share your email address.

Thank you for helping with this survey!

11% of survey complete.