Please take a moment to answer this anonymous survey about the Mason Public library. All questions are optional and will be used to improve the library's services. Thank you for helping us become stronger!

Section 1: Share Your Opinion

* 1. How would you rate each of the following library services?

  Excellent Good Fair Poor Don't Know/Not Applicable
Customer Service
Programs (classes, storytime, etc.)
Collection (books, DVDs, music, newspapers, etc.)
Online Services (website, catalog, research databases, etc.)
ILL (inter-library loan)
Library Policies
Computers and Printers
Internet Access
Hours of Operation
Overall, How Would You Rate The Library?

* 2. Do you have a library card?

* 3. Have you ever used a guest pass to access the internet?

* 4. How often do you use the library?

* 5. Do you 'like' and follow us on Facebook?

* 6. Do you keep up with our website?

* 7. What do you value most about the library?

* 8. How does the library benefit you or the community?

* 9. How could the library or its services be improved, if at all?

Section 2: Community Demographics

* 10. Gender: 

* 11. What is your age?

* 12. In what ZIP code is your home located? (enter 5-digit ZIP code; for example, 45069)

Thank you for taking our quick survey!

* 13. If you would like to be entered into our survey prize drawing, please provide your contact information:

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