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The Foundations of a Good Marriage: The Role of Meaning, Prospection, and Self Determination in a Marital Satisfaction

Researcher: Elizabeth Reyes-Fournier, PhD

Description of study: Marriage is considered a 50/50 proposition with nearly half of all couples divorcing. Marital Satisfaction depends on the level of happiness the individuals feel about their marriage, the couple’s perceptions and beliefs regarding marriage and the quality of their marital interaction. To date, most of the research concerning marital quality is focused on what hurts a marriage. This research will focus on exploring the role of making meaning, prospection, and self-determination and their relationship with marital satisfaction to establishing a model of marital happiness. All responses are anonymous and the answers are held within an encrypted server. 

 You are being asked to participate in an online (web-based) survey. It should take approximately 5-10 minutes to complete. No benefit to the participant is expected. There is minimal risk in this survey yet some questions may make you uncomfortable. You can choose to discontinue the survey at any time, refuse to answer, skip or click "Prefer not to respond". This research is in affiliation with Keiser University and has been certified by the Keiser University Institutional Review Board. If you have any questions or concerns regarding participants’ rights please contact the IRB Chair at (954) 318-1620 or the principal investigator Elizabeth Reyes-Fournier ( or 305-527-0346) and refer to Protocol Number: #IRB000AG18RE69


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