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MARCH for ☀ JUSTICE ☀ JUSTICE FOR EARTH ☀JUSTICE FOR ALL ☀ for Elephants, Rhinos, Lions, Non-humans and Humans.

A world where justice prevails, where corruption, greed, collusion and injustice are mitigated and accountability is demanded by the voice, work and passion of good people around the world.

This year, GMFER will MARCH for ☀ JUSTICE ☀ JUSTICE FOR EARTH ☀JUSTICE FOR ALL ☀ for elephants, rhinos, lions, non-humans and humans.
Increasingly, we note, with mounting concern, the lack of political will, the abuse of power and the rampant escalation of corruption and greed, all which promote a blatant disregard for the earth, her ecosystems, her life giving waters and all her creatures.

We must join forces with social justice advocates around the world, actively seeking intersectional avenues that consider justice for humans, justice for animals, climate justice and justice for the earth; we hope to join hands with those who identify in each of these spheres, bringing them together under one umbrella: JUSTICE & JUSTICE FOR THE EARTH & JUSTICE FOR ALL.

Elephants, rhinos and lions will be our ambassadors, marginalised humans will be our ambassadors, justice will be our guide. We will call on governments to be responsible and accountable on behalf of the world's #WildOnes, on behalf disenfranchised humans and on behalf of Justice.

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