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Seattle Parks and Recreation is renovating the ballfields and the play area at Maple Wood Playfield Park, in Beacon Hill! The park is located at 4801 Corson Ave S (Corson & Angeline, just north of Maple Elementary School), in Seattle. 
The following survey shows three concepts and asks two question of each concept, and then a few questions at the end comparing the concepts.  This survey gives you and other community members an opportunity to view conceptual designs and share your opinion and ideas about our park.

Our goal is to work with the public to create a community designed project. Please see our project page for more information:
Our consultants, PLACE Landscape Architecture, have developed three concepts for the park renovation, described below:
Maple Wood Park is a front yard to the neighborhood. Before Interstate-5 was constructed, streets connected through and houses lined the streets where the park is now located. Reinforcing the community connection, the Front Porch brings the neighborhood into the park - a place to feel at home, to watch games, have picnics, BBQ, exercise and play.

Planes fly over Beacon Hill in all directions, charting the course to Seattle airports and beyond. Taking cues from the flights overhead and the views from the park, Flight Path transforms the park experience with landforms to create dynamic places to gather, to take advantage of views, and for creative play.

The wetland in Maple Wood forest may have once been connected to the Duwamish River, which wove and curved through the valley below. Meander uses the language of the river to create a place that differentiates it from the city. Paths weave through the forested park, carve out play areas, form gathering places, build mounds, and creates a clearing in the woods for a play field.

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