If you are an owner or manager of a swine building with a deep pit, we are requesting your help.

During the fall of 2009, a number of deep pit swine finishing facilities in Minnesota, Iowa, and Illinois experienced problems with manure foaming. Although this foaming issue has been around for many years, the increased incidence of these occurrences, and the likely potential for increased fires and explosions resulting from this foam, are cause for concern.

Researchers at the University of Minnesota are working with producers and researchers across the Midwest to determine the cause of this foaming. Dietary changes, management changes, building design, and climate changes have all been suggested as possible causes but, as of yet, no specific cause has been determined.

If you own or manage a swine facility with deep pits, WHETHER YOU HAVE FOAMING OR NOT, please help us by completing this brief on-line survey. All of your answers are ANONYMOUS. If you have already taken this or a similar paper survey from the University of Minnesota, we thank you and ask that you do not retake the survey.

If you would rather discuss this issue with us you can contact the project leader, David Schmidt, at 612-625-4262 or email him at

Thank you in advance for your help on this important issue.

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