Your feedback is important for us to maintain and improve the quality of the services we offer to families. Please take a few minutes to fill in this survey and tell us about your experience with our Residential Placement.

* 1. The information you received prior to placement (calendar for term, clothing list, admissions details) was adequate.

* 2. I am satisfied with the goals set and felt I was an active participant in that process (for example: prior to placement discussion with your Autism Practitioner, and then discussions with staff at both the residence and school).

* 3. Did you have a specific reason for the placement? You can select more than one answer.

* 4. Overall, was the reason/s for placement (question 3) addressed?

* 5. I felt supported by the staff in the Residence.

* 6. I felt supported by the staff at the School

* 7. Staff were accessible to me, by phone, email and face to face

* 8. The placement had a positive impact on our daily lives, including those of siblings.

* 9. How did your child's absence during placement impact on your daily life?

* 10. I have been able to implement the recommended strategies - the program was clear for us to follow through with at home

* 11. My child learnt new skills at MASS

* 12. I learnt new autism strategies while my child was at MASS

* 13. The 'End of Placement Report' from MASS is descriptive, informative and easy to read

* 14. The 'Home Book' was useful to communicate between Home, The Residence and The School

* 15. I felt confident that my child was in a safe and caring environment

* 16. I would recommend the 'Residential Placement' to others

* 17. Do you have any suggestions for us to improve the services we offer to families?

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