Winter 2021 Assistant Coach Expression of Interest

The Malvern Tigers Basketball Club is currently calling for expressions of interest for Assistant Coaches for the 2021 Winter Season.

Coaches are a critical component of the Malvern Tigers. They are a key factor influencing the level of development and enjoyment a player experiences during a Season. Coaches are often regarded as the face of the Club and they influence the perception of the Club held by parents and the broader basketball community.

Information about coaching at the Malvern Tigers is set out in our Coaching Framework, which can be accessed on the Clubs website or Facebook Coaching Group.  Please ensure that you have read and understood the Coaching Framework before completing this Expression of Interest, particularly the coaching qualifications, roles and responsibilities, qualification, and the processes for coach appointment and team allocation.

The role of Assistant Coach is not remunerated. Assistant Coaches that successfully complete the Junior Assistant Coach Program may be selected for a remunerated Coach role at the discretion of the Club. Details of the Junior Assistant Coach Program can also be accessed on the Clubs website or Facebook Coaching Group.

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, Waverley is running an extended Winter 2021 season, commencing 30-31 January 2021. The Winter 2021 season comprises two parts:
1. Practice and Grading (10 rounds from 30-31 Jan to 17-18 April), then
2. Competition and Finals (16 rounds then 2 finals from 1-2 May to 11-12 Sept).

Teams will be selected for Practice and Grading, then continue unchanged into Competition and Finals preferably with the same coach. We are therefore seeking Expressions of Interest to coach the entire Winter 2021 season.

The closing date for submission of Coaching Expressions of Interest is 10 January 2021. Once approved by the Club's Executive Committee, coaching appointments and team allocations for Winter 2021 will be communicated 17 January 2021.

Please contact a Coaching Coordinator if you have any questions about the Coaching Framework, the Junior Assistant Coach Program, or coaching at the Malvern Tigers more broadly.

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* 1. Your details

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* 2. Assistant Coaches are expected to support the Malvern Tigers by playing for the Club in the appropriate Competition and Age Group.  Please provide the following details:

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* 3. Preferred Competition and Age Level (select all that you are wanting to be an Assistant Coach)

  U8 U10 U12

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* 4. Availability for training (Provide at least 4 hours of availability to allow scheduling.  Note that weekday training times are generally U8 from 5pm, U10 from 6pm, U12 from 7pm)

  5:00-5:30pm 5:30-6:00pm 6:00-6:30pm 6:30-7:00pm 7:30-8:00pm 8:00-8:30pm

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* 5. If you have a parent or sibling who is already coaching for the Malvern Tiger in the upcoming season, or a younger sibling playing for the Club, and would prefer to be their Assistant Coach, please provide their name: