This is an optional survey and the intent is for 1WorldSync to collect information on business needs and areas of interest or impact related to the GDSN Major Release 3.

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Production Variants: To communicate different variations of the same GTIN in the supply chain
Components: To communicate information about distinct items with a given GTIN
Ingredient Information: To communicate information about individual ingredients (e.g., Country of Origin)
Sub-Ingredients: To communicate ingredients that make up an ingredient
Nutritional & Nutrient Improvements: Communication of multiple serving size basis, precision for the daily value intake, flexible nutrition claims
Non-Food Ingredients: Communication of generic and active ingredient information
Preliminary Trade Item: To communicate that the item information is not yet final and may change
Sustainability Packaging: Communication of new attributes for each packaging unit
Books & Publication: Communication of new attributes to support the Books and Publication Industry
Packaging Information: Communication of multiple packaging types with their packaging material(s)
Hazardous & Dangerous Substance Information: Communication of Dangerous Goods and Dangerous Substance information
Tax Information: Communication of tax rates, amounts, and applicability codes
Promotional Information Enhancements: Communication of multiple promotions for a GTIN

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