The New Initiative Fund grant process is for congregations and program groups in the Episcopal Diocese of Maine to request funding for new ministries and efforts, to expand existing ministries in new directions, or to discern ministry possibilities in their communities.

Before you begin, please complete the New Initiative Grants Application Worksheet (new and improved in Word) which can be found at here.

Please keep this version for your records, then copy and paste your answers to this online form. The deadline for online submission is January 1 for Round 1 and July 1 for Round 2. Once your application is received, a member of Diocesan Council will be in touch to follow up and will act as your proposal's advocate at the Council's next regularly scheduled meeting.

Dream big!

* 1. Name of Project

* 2. Contact Name

* 3. Contact Email

* 4. Contact Phone

* 5. Sponsor Congregation/Town or diocesan committee or program group

* 6. Has your priest-in-charge signed off on this application?

* 7. How have you involved your congregation, committee, or program group in the development of this ministry?

* 8. Purpose of Project (100 words or fewer)

* 9. Scope of work over the next 12 months

* 10. List other sources of income for the project with amounts.

* 11. List the names and email addresses of those who will directly involved with this project.

* 12. Total request from the New Initiative Fund

* 13. Are those involved in the project willing to share your experiences in any of the following ways? (Check all that apply.)

* 14. If your project receives a grant, will you be ready to begin implementation within a month of receiving your award letter?

* 15. Have you emailed your project budget, including all income and all expenses for the entire project (pdf or excel only) to Canon Heidi Shott ?

* 16. I will email one supporting document (optional - pdf or doc only) to Canon Heidi Shott (This might be a brochure, information sheet, or other document.)

* 17. Mission Criterion #1 Give one or more example(s) of how your project will be Christ-centered and Gospel-oriented.

* 18. Mission Criterion #2 List any collaborative partners you will engage in your project, (other churches, communities, and affinity groups). Give examples of how you will collaborate and/or how you will share personnel or other resources.

* 19. Mission Criterion #3 Give one or more example(s) of how your project will be led by those with experience and passion for their particular ministry.

* 20. Mission Criterion #4 How will you evaluate your program? What is your plan to achieve sustainability? *

* 21. Mission Criterion #5 Tell how the project leaders will share their successes (best practices) and challenges with other groups in the diocese. *

* 22. Mission Criterion #6 Tell how your project will demonstrate a willingness to involve and benefit a wide range and number of people within the diocese and beyond.

* 23. Mission Criterion #7 Give examples of how your project will demonstrate values of transparency, equity, fairness and collaboration. *