Based on your opinion, please respond to the "Magnet Program" questions below:

* 1. How would you define a Magnet school?

* 2. What do you value about HISD’s Magnet schools?

* 3. Improving diversity in Magnet schools is a district goal. Do you believe that HISD is accomplishing this goal?

* 4. Which Magnet schools do you consider the very best and why?

* 5. Why is community involvement important in Magnet schools?

* 6. How should HISD determine the effectiveness of its Magnet programs?

* 7. What do you recommend HISD do to improve its Magnet programs?

* 8. How do you think students should be selected to attend a Magnet program?

* 9. Should siblings of Magnet students be given preference in a Magnet school? If so, why?

* 10. Do you think principals and teachers in Magnet schools need more training and professional development than principals and teachers in non-Magnet schools? If so, why?

* 11. How do you think funding of Magnet programs should be distributed? (for example: per pupil, by program type, equal funding, etc.)

* 12. Please complete the following sentence in the text block below:
When I think of students being educated in HISD Magnet schools, I think of _____________________.

* 13. Do you have child(ren) currently enrolled in HISD Magnet schools?

* 14. Do you consider your Magnet schools “special?”

* 15. Does your child(ren) require transportation?

* 16. In which part of the city do you reside?