The Maastricht Interview is a semi-structured questionnaire that can be used to support people who hear voices.  It was developed by Dr. Sandra Escher, Professor Marius Romme and voice hearer, Patsy Hage as a way to explore the experience of voice hearing in depth and provide the tools needed to build trust, openness and understanding. 

This training is intended particularly for people in clinical and other provider roles, but can also be useful for people working in peer roles, family, and friends.

It can assist people who hear voices in a number of ways including:
  • Validating the experience and overcoming the shame of talking about voices
  • Offering space and support to systematically map all aspects of the voices and build insight
  • Empower the individual by promoting acceptance and the opportunity to take charge
Participants in this training can expect to:
  • Become a pioneer in using one of the most exciting tools developed in recent years by the Hearing Voices Network
  • Learn how to conduct the interview
  • Undertake two interviews with voice hearers
  • Write reports and develop constructs from Maastricht interviews
  • Develop a shared understanding of voices and ways to support people who hear voices
The Maastricht Interview for Hearing Voices training will take place from Wednesday, April 17th to Friday, April 19th, 2019. Each day will run 9:30am to 4:30pm. Attendance at all three days is required. 
The training will be located at the Clarion on Riverdale Street in West Springfield.
Space is very limited. There is a $150 fee for the training.

About Peter & Shaun: Peter is an internationally known trainer, founder of the Paranoia Network in England, and owner/operator of Asylum Associates. He has taught at several universities in the United Kingdom including holding a teaching and research post at Manchester University, and been published on topics of trauma and voices. Shaun works for the Sheffield Health & Social Care as a part of the recovery education unit. He also takes part in the Paranoia Network and travels with Peter and others to offer Maastricht trainings.

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