We are SUPER excited to be bringing Melina Sedo and Detlef Engel to Atlanta! We are their first stop on their visit this year.

Melina Sedó & Detlef Engel
Melina and Detlef are since 2001 teaching social tango in a close embrace all over Europe and the USA. Their focus is on musicality, communication and improvisation. Through their dedication as teachers and organisers they have helped shape social tango significantly and their students are amongst the most sought-after partners at milongas and encuentros. In 2013 they began training teachers and in 2015 produced an instructional book + film, that is considered as standard for everyone who wants to dance tango with sense and sensibility.
Learn more about them on: www.tangodesalon.de

Friday 3/1 7pm to 8:30pm (followed by a milonga)-
Caminar abrazados - Walking in an embrace / 1.5 hours
Tango is walking. During this workshops we’ll work on different aspects of the movement: an appropriate inner and outer posture, dissociation, relaxation, changing the length of your steps, our connection to the breathing music and on the most important factor of well-being - the embrace. We recommend this workshop to everyone as a starter into the weekend in particular if you have not yet worked with Detlef and Melina before. All other classes will build on the skills that we are going to practise here.

Saturday 3/2 11:15am to 4:15pm - (monthly milonga that evening from 9-1am)
Rustic and elegant variations of Ochos / 4.5 hours plus 1/2 hour break
We‘ll first develop simple "Milonguero-Ochos" out of the walk in the crossed system and vary them with traspiés to express rhythms. Then, after some basic work on pivots-technique, we‘ll combine the elements to challenging linear and turned Ochos for more lyrical tangos and for those moments of suspension in the music.
Pre-requisite: A good axis and – ideally – the knowledge of the parallel and crossed system.

Sunday 3/3 12:30pm to 5:30pm
Powerful musicality / 4.5 hours plus 1/2 hour break
Both partners share in the creation of this wonderful dance and should therefore know the music as well as the possibilities of expressing it. In this class, we are going to explore the intricacies of two very different tangos that offer a wide range of musical variation. Our goal is to create energy and diversity in our dance by using contrasting movements, a wide range of rhythms and different step dynamics. A challenging workshop that will break up quite a few old habits!
Pre-requisites: The ability to change the speed and direction of your steps easily.

Registration Cost:
* $230 for the whole weekend (10.5 hours of training & 2 milongas)
* $110 per day for Saturday or Sunday seminars (4.5 hours each day)
* $40 for Friday workshop

(Discount available if registering together - $410 for whole weekend; $200 for single day; $60 for Friday only)

Melina & Detlef will also be available for private lessons on Monday & Tuesday.

Method and classes:
In their classes, Detlef and Melina explore the foundations of movement in order to develop a better connection to one’s own body, the partner and the music. Even the most advanced dancers will gain valuable insights in the intricacies of this wonderful dance instead of just learning more complex figures. You may either register with a partner or a single dancer. In any case: We’d love you to be open to changing role and partner. It will help you develop a better understanding and is great fun!
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Zelle: Claudiaw.75@gmail.com

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