Community Foundation Capacity Building Grant Program
Eligibility Application 

The Iowa Council of Foundation’s Capacity Building Grants Program will support opportunities for qualified community foundations and their affiliates to engage in activities that increase their ability for sustainable endowment growth/building.  Capacity building grants will provide community foundations with support to implement projects or programs necessary to enhance their organizational capacity and address important issues of fund development and effectiveness.

Please complete the following questions regarding your intent to submit a grant application for the Capacity Grant Building Program anytime prior to March 16, 2018. Your project does not have to be completely flushed out, nor do you need to submit a budget at this time. This is an opportunity for you to put forth your idea and receive feedback prior to submitting a final grant application.  ICoF staff will review your pre-application and provide you with feedback and the full grant application within five days of receipt of this pre-application.

* 1. Please complete the following information:

* 2. Please choose the capacity building category that best describes your proposed project or idea:

* 3. Briefly describe your idea or project (5 sentences or less).

* 4. How will the idea or project you described above, grow your organization's capacity to build endowments?