Before you start

The Neighbourhood Project is a movement of people just like you – local citizens and passionate champions for great neighbourhoods.
 Through this expression of interest, we are looking for the next round of communities and projects to work with us to create great neighbourhoods.

Please read the information pack on our website for information on the project background and eligibility:

Community Eligibility

To apply, you need to be a community group, organisation, resident or local business. 
We encourage applications from all sorts of local groups and communities, whether you’re just a few dedicated local mates or a formally incorporated group.

To be eligible, you will need to have:
  • A project idea to improve your neighbourhood
  • Your project idea is located within one of the eligible Metropolitan Melbourne Councils (a list of eligible councils is included in the information pack)
  • A group (or at least a few keen helpers) ready to pitch in and make it happen.
  • The support of your council (Note: that you don’t need to have this to submit an EOI, we will work with you to gain council support if your project is selected)
  • Reviewed the project information, attended an info session or watched the webinar (please refer to the program website)
You will also need to be willing to:
  • Collaborate with other locals and groups to develop an idea. This could including people outside your group. This is about benefiting your neighbourhood, not just you or your group.
  • Work closely with Council. This is a shared learning process for councils and communities to work together.
  • Send at least two people from your group to the bootcamp to develop your project idea (This will involve approximately 5 days of time over 3 months, held outside of business hours. Please refer to the information pack).
Can councils apply?

This year, only communities can submit an application. Interested councils should send this EOI and the info pack to local community groups and encourage them to apply. If a group from your area applies, Council will receive up to $30,000-50,000 in in-kind support and training. 

Councils’ commitment to the program is a criteria for community selection. (We will assist community groups to make contact with council and gain permission, this is not part of the EOI process)

If you need assistance filling out this form, please contact us at or (03) 9417 0020

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