This is the online head coach application for the RYSC Roseville Premier Soccer program, 2020-21 season.

NOTE: Only head coach applicants need to submit an application. Selected head coaches will appoint the assistant coach(s) and team management staff for their respective team unless the RYSC Board has reason to disallow an assistant coach or team manager.

Please complete all fields unless otherwise instructed. The application is expected to take 15-20 minutes provided that you have your information readily available. You cannot save to come back later so please plan accordingly.

Thank you for applying to coach in the Roseville Premier Soccer program. If you do not hear back by mid January 2019, please send an email

Once you submit the application, you will not receive a confirmation; therefore, simply send an email if you would like a confirmation or have any questions.

Good luck to you,
Sean Espley
Director of Coaching
Roseville Premier Soccer