As a mental health and/or substance abuse treatment provider, this is your opportunity to tell us what services are needed. You answers will help the managing entity, LSF Health Systems, decide how funding is used in your area for mental health and substance abuse treatment services.

We ask that you be as honest as possible when answering all questions. All answers will be combined so no one will be able to identify you. When you click on "done" at the end of the survey, you will have satisfactorily completed the survey.

We ask that you please tell other mental health and substance abuse treatment providers about this survey. We want to hear from as many informed professionals as possible.

This survey is part of a larger needs assessment taking place in a 23 county area. WellFlorida Council Inc., a nonprofit health planning council, has been contracted by LSF Health Systems to conduct an unbiased needs assessment to determine strengths and gaps in services for mental health and substance abuse treatment.

This survey will be analyzed by WellFlorida Council and results will be included in the final needs assessment report. LSF Health Systems will not have access to your individual responses nor will they know who participated in this survey.

WellFlorida thanks you for the time that you have taken to complete this survey. 
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