First Organization Helping People in Florida from Puerto Rico . . . 

This survey will act as an information collection tool for FPP members and partners who have insight to share regarding the organizations who are serving people from Puerto Rico who have arrived in Florida, possibly in your community or region you serve, since Hurricane Maria.  

Your participation in this "crowdsourcing" effort, being conducted by FPP in collaboration with Consumer PR/FL Consumer, will result in a singular, "one stop" repository for practitioners like you who may encounter people from Puerto Rico who have arrived, or are in need of services/assistance.  

Begin by completing the fields for the first organization that comes to mind serving people from Puerto Rico in need.  If you are able to add more organizations, please select the "Enter Another" option.  When you are finished, select the "Finished" option, select OK, and then Next.  

You are also encouraged to forward this link to other agencies and organizations/practitioners who can offer their insight.  

Thank you in advance for offering your knowledge and contacts!

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* 1. Organization #1 Name and Contact Information (complete as much as possible)

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* 2. Select the Area of Florida Organization #1 serves . . .

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* 3. Select the Type(s) of Service(s) Organization #1 Provides . . .

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