Forest / Fire Ecology Field Trip

As the last part of our Ecology series this year, we plan to do a field trip so we can see in real life examples of what we have learned about.  We'll talk about forest health, fire mitigation and treatments for each.  We would like your input on when we host the tour as well as the specific things you would like to see.  We will use your input to plan a field trip that best meets what people want to do.

Thank you for your interest and participation.

* 1. When would you prefer the field trip to be?  Please rank each month for when it works best for you (1 being best, 5 being least)

* 2. Please rank the things you would most like to see.  (Rank 1 for highest)

* 3. Anything else you would like us to consider when planning the field trip?

* 4. If you would like us to email you when the plan for the tour is finalized, please provide your email address here.