The UK Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) has launched a consultation on its future policy for General Aviation (GA) regulation. It builds on the recent GA Red Tape Challenge and the formation of the CAA's first dedicated GA unit and will define how the CAA regulates GA on a day-to-day basis. The proposed policy seeks to put in place a new way to regulate GA that both recognises the need to protect third parties, such as the general public, but also makes requirements more proportionate and assists in the Government's aims of making the UK GA sector innovative and vibrant.

The CAA is keen to hear the views of anyone involved in or affected by GA. This survey lists the questions to which the CAA would welcome responses. The full consultation can be viewed at where further details of how to respond are also provided. The closing date for responses is 31 July 2014.

* 1. Do you agree that the framework will enable the CAA to balance effectively its statutory duties and protection of third parties with its new approach to GA regulation.

* 2. Do you agree that the EASA criteria for acceptability of levels of risk are appropriate for the CAA's own assessment of risks to third parties, but that higher levels of risk to the participants themselves should be allowable?

* 3. Do you agree that the CAA’s proposed GA Policy Framework poses the right questions for the CAA to ask itself when considering how it might regulate different aspects of GA activity?

* 4. Are there any additional questions you would add and why? Where would you put them in the decision process?

* 5. Do you agree that it is appropriate for individuals to be permitted to engage in aviation activities which involve increased risk of death or bodily injury to themselves, provided that they willingly assume the risks involved and provided that third parties are safeguarded from their conduct?

* 6. Do you agree that the information disclosed regarding risk associated with an activity should be that which a reasonable member of the public would expect to know prior to participating; and do you agree that a CAA-employed qualified lawyer should make this determination?

* 7. Do you agree with what is proposed to be out of scope of the framework?

* 8. Do you have any suggestions as to how the CAA can continue to collect proportionate and accurate data from the GA community without applying excessive burdens on the sector?

* 9. Do you agree with how we propose to consult on conclusions reached before final decisions are taken?

* 10. Do you believe that the governance mechanisms we propose to put in place will ensure the GA Policy Framework is applied appropriately within the CAA’s statutory duties?

* 11. Any other comments?