Dear participant in the IgY- Study,
You agreed to participate in the IMPACTT-project. We want to thank you for your contribution.
We want to improve the way patients are approached and informed when asked to be part of a
clinical study. Therefore we would like to know how you experienced your first contact with this
project. We kindly ask to complete this questionnaire. It will take only a couple of minutes. When
you leave the study, we will ask you again to give your opinion in a second questionnaire.
If your child is participating in the study: please be sure to answer the question 'who you are' to
distinguish who is completing the questionnaire : you for your child or your child.
During your first meeting with the study-nurse you received a closed and numbered enveloppe. In
this enveloppe you'll find an introduction to this questionnaire and a code. You need this code in
order to complete this questionnaire. Your centre doesn't know which code you received and which
answers you give to the questions in this survey. Your results will be processed anonimously.
Thank you very much in advance for your cooperation.

1. Please fill in the code you found in your enveloppe

2. The year of birth of the patient/participant

3. Gender of the patient/participant:

4. The country you live in: