* 1. Please tell us if you're male or female.

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* 3. Would you say country music is...

* 4. Compared to previous summers, which statement best describes how you feel about the overall quality of the new country songs that were played on the radio this summer?

* 5. Here's a list of some of the most played songs of the summer of 2012. Tell us what your favorite songs of summer were by ranking the songs starting with #1 - your personal favorite, then #2 your second favorite, etc. Have fun! (Ranker function may not work on iPhone)

* 6. OPTIONAL: If you have a personal favorite song of the summer, regardless of format, enter it below. (Do not enter a song you have already ranked in the previous question).

* 7. Finally, please select the Market Code Number below that matches the code included with your invitation to participate in this survey. The Market Code Number is important because listeners all over the country are participating. Entering the Market Code Number that came with your invitation will insure that YOUR responses can be directed to YOUR station.

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