Making it easier and safer for families to walk and bike to Cedar Park School

Cedar Park School, located at the intersection of NE 135th St and 37th Ave NE, is currently the interim site of Olympic Hills Elementary. In 2017 the school is reopening as a new neighborhood school.

* 1. Which streets do you think would make the best walking and biking routes to Cedar Park Elementary School?

* 2. What barriers make it more difficult, to walk and ride a bike in the Cedar Park neighborhood? Please provide specific locations.

* 3. What are some of the destinations that people in Cedar Park walk and bike to?

* 4. School buses, cars, people walking and biking all have to share the streets in Cedar Park during busy arrival and departure at Cedar Park School. What are your ideas for making it easier for children and families to walk and bike to school?

* 5. If you are an Olympic Hills Elementary School parent driving your child to Cedar Park Elementary, what is your preferred route in and out of the Cedar Park neighborhood?

* 6. How can traffic circulation be improved around the Cedar Park School building during arrival and departure?

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