We are updating our list of Pay As You Throw (PAYT) or Variable Rates communities in North America and REALLY need your help. The list is used to update the progress of PAYT, and for research that we conduct for EPA, or publish in trade magazines (Resource Recycling, Biocycle, etc.) and reports (not for sales, etc.).

Please fill in what you can about your program AND/OR provide us with leads about other possible PAYT communities. And PLEASE feel free to forward this to others who might also have information on these programs.

THANK YOU FOR YOUR HELP!! Call if you have questions or want to discuss this (Lisa Skumatz or Juri Freeman at Econservation Institute, toll free 866-758-6289; skumatz@serainc.com or freeman@serainc.com).

* 1. Contact information

* 2. VERY IMPORTANT: Do you know of any other communities that may have a pay as you throw (PAYT) system in place? If so, could you please name the communities you know or suspect of having PAYT? You might also answer, for instance, "all communities in XX county", or similar. Try to be clear about which ones you KNOW vs. SUSPECT. Also, please answer "unknown" if unknown. Thanks!

* 3. What is your city or county population?

* 4. Does your city / do your residents have pay as you throw (variable rates) for trash collection (different trash fees for different levels trash service)?