1. Georgia State University - Department of Applied Linguistics - Informed Consent

Title: Increasing Student Motivation in Intensive English Programs

Co-Principal Investigators: Meredith Bricker and Dara Suchke

Meredith Bricker and Dara Suchke invite you to participate in a research study. This study is about student motivation in the IEP. Meredith Bricker and Dara Suchke invite you to participate because you are a student in an Intensive English Program. Approximately 130 students are invited to participate in this study. It will take you about 20 minutes to participate in this study after you begin the survey.

If you want to participate, you will take an online survey. The survey will ask you some questions. The questions are about activities that you might do in your IEP classes. The survey will take about 20 minutes to finish.

In this study, you will not have any more risks than you would in a normal day of life.

Participation in this study may not help you personally. Generally, we want to learn about lessons and activities that IEP students enjoy. We want to use the results of this survey to create better classroom lessons and activities. These results will help ESL students in the future.

V.Voluntary Participation and Withdrawal:
You do not have to participate in this study. You can stop taking the survey at any time. You can skip questions. You can stop answering questions at any time.

All of your information and survey answers are private. You will not give any personal information to Meredith Bricker and Dara Suchke; they will only see your answers to the survey. They will not know who wrote each answer. Only Meredith Bricker and Dara Suchke will see your answers.

VII. Contact Persons:
Contact Meredith Bricker at eslmlb@langate.gsu.edu or Dara Suchke at esldks@langate.gsu.edu (or 404-413-5189) with questions about this survey. Contact Susan Vogtner in the Office of Research Integrity (404-413-3513 or svogtner1@gsu.edu) with questions about your rights as a participant.

VIII.Copy of Consent Form to Subject:
You can have a copy of this consent form to keep. Print a copy now or ask Meredith or Dara for a copy.

If you want to participate in this research, please click the “next” button.