To Caroline residents:

The Town of Caroline's Planning Board is updating the Town's Comprehensive Plan. The Comprehensive Plan is an important document under NYS law which gives local residents a strong voice in the future of their town. A link to the Comprehensive Plan can be found under "Quick Links to Hot Topics" on the home page of the Town's website ( The information that the Planning Board gathers from the Town residents from this survey and from the public meetings that will follow will guide the Planning Board in its update of the Comprehensive Plan. Please take a few minutes to fill out the survey.  

DIRECTIONS:  This questionnaire concerns many important aspects of daily life in Caroline that Town government and other Town leaders may be in a position to affect over the next few years.

In PART 1 there are 11 main Plan Topics identified from the 2006 Caroline Comprehensive Plan and from public meetings and discussions held by the Planning Board.  Each topic has Examples that came out of those meetings and discussions, that residents who attended believed were important to the Town.  Please rank each MAIN TOPIC in its overall importance to YOU as a resident of Caroline, either _Very Important, _Somewhat Important, _Less Important, _Least Important  or _Don't know or No opinion.  

There is also a space labeled "Comments/Other Examples" under each topic to allow you to add any additional comments or examples for that topic that you may have.

In PART 2  you will be asked to list the Top Three Topics/Concerns/Actions that you believe should be Town priorities.  In your own words let us know what those priorities should be.