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* 1. Out of 5 stars, how much did you enjoy SPW Southern Rumble 2017?

* 2. What was your favourite match/moment at Southern Rumble?

* 3. Who is/are your favourite SPW Wrestler(s) and why?

* 4. Will you be back for Halloween Haunting on Sat 28th Oct in Invercargill?

* 5. What SPW Merchandise would you like to see?

* 6. How affordable are our current Ticket prices? $15 Adult & $10 Under 18

* 7. Do you use our SPW On Demand service? 

* 8. We aim to make our shows family friendly for everyone to enjoy, do you think we stick to these guidelines?

* 9. Do you think limited ticket availability with guaranteed better seating/viewing and enclosed atmosphere is better than opening up 2 rooms for bigger attendance, or do you think bigger is better?

* 10. Do you have any other feedback for us that you think could make a difference to our Live Events? Any positive or negative comments you would like to pass on?