Skin care in a naturopathic practice

Let's come together to care for the skin of our clients in the best possible way! Would you like to learn more about how to improve the appearance, efficacy, precision and safety of our products? Can we unite the best of the three skin care realms: conventional, natural and herbal?

1. The survey is anonymous.
2. Based on your feedback, I will select topic(s) for a class/course to be shared with the community of herbal makers.
3. I use the words skin care broadly, including generally all products for topical application, including medicinal remedies and cosmetics (minus decorative cosmetics).
4. By creams I refer to true emulsions, i.e. combination of water and oil in the presence of an emulsifier.
1.How do you typically work with skin care in your practice.
(Select ALL applicable options.)
2.What type of ingredients do you add to CREAM BASES to personalize the final cream?
(Select ALL applicable options.)
3.Of what origin are the ingredients/extracts you add into cream bases?
(Select ALL applicable.)
4.What is the maximum amount of extracts (in mL) that you add to cream bases (per 100g of final product)?
5.Do you add additional preservative(s) to the final CREAM?
6.Do you typically check and adjust pH of the final CREAM?
7.What expiry date do you put on the final CREAM?
8.How are you satisfied with the efficacy of the skin care you dispense?
9.How are you satisfied with the texture and consistency of the skin care you make/dispense?
10.What topics of skin care would you like to learn more about?
(Select 3 MOST RELEVANT options.)
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