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The Village hosted an in-person Community Open House on Thursday January 20th to discuss how we can make Downtown Itasca the best it can be! If you missed the Open House or want to review the materials, take a look through the exhibits to see what was discussed. The following survey covers questions and discussions from the Open House.

Survey Overview:

The Village of Itasca has been working toward the development of The Downtown Itasca Strategic Action Plan over the past year to enhance development in the area and support the highest and best use of land surrounding the Village's Metra commuter station. The Village has identified three key recommendation areas to help achieve this vision:

1. Economic Development
2. Public Open Space & Urban Design
3. Access & Mobility

Each of the Plan's key recommendations will be achieved through a number of specific action items. The purpose of this survey is to determine which action items are preferred by the Itasca community. This will help the Village prioritize where it will invest its resources. 

The following survey questions have been organized by key recommendation area.
To see an overview of the planning process and learn more about the project, click here.