CBHS community's view on reinstating the Hall

Tena Koutou CBHS Community

The Board of Trustees will be meeting on Tuesday the 28th of April. At this meeting the Board will be considering a motion to reinstate a Hall to accommodate the school. Until recently the Ministry of Education had not been prepared to do this and had instead offered to only build a hall that will take one third of the roll.

A set of plans is currently on the school website. These plans are being changed and reworked as information becomes available. The design is likely to change from what has been presented and the community will have the opportunity to discuss future plans in a community forum.

The Board of Trustees recognise the importance of this project beginning as soon as possible and are looking forward to more detailed plans of what a Hall and new school campus could be. The Main Building façade will not be altered.

The Board of Trustees would appreciate you completing this brief survey so that we have an indication of the community's view on the merits of reinstating the Hall to accommodate the entire school.

The plans on the website have been drawn to assist us to make this key decision. Once this decision has been made further planning will be able to develop these initial ideas to meet the needs of the school in educating fine young men towards outstanding achievement.

We will continue to update you on plan changes through the school website.

Altiora Peto


Nic Hill (Headmaster)                                                               John Osborne (BOT Chair)

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* 1. Are you a

Question Title

* 2. Please comment on what you would consider the merits of reinstating the Hall to accommodate the entire school?