* 1. Thank you for participating in the 2013 Swatara Sojourn. Was this your:

* 2. Did you use the shuttle service?

* 3. How was the food?

  excellent good fair poor
Saturday breakfast--doughnuts and coffee
Saturday lunch--subs, granola bars, and oranges
Saturday dinner--broasted chicken, ice cream, and drinks
Sunday breakfast--June's special....
Sunday lunch--pizza and sodas
American Water Company water
Swiss Premium Dairy drinks

* 4. How were the educational programs?

  excellent good fair poor
Saturday morning safety briefing?
Sunday morning safety briefing?
History of the Swatara?

* 5. How was registration?

  excellent good fair poor
Was registration easy?
Was the option of PayPal helpful?
Were you greeted promptly and treated with courtesy?
Did you receive your confirmation and instructions?

* 6. Did you feel safe?

  excellent good fair poor
Do you think there is safety in numbers--people around you to help out?
Number of safety personnel was adequate?
Safety personnel had phones or walkie talkies?
Safety personnel checked on potential problems?

* 7. Did you have fun?

* 8. Are you planning on joining us next year?

* 9. Feel free to leave a compliment or suggestion for improvement.

* 10. What is your name and email address (optional)?