As a not-for-profit membership organisation incorporated by association, the Queensland Writers Centre has a Management Committee elected by the membership. The Committee is our governing body, providing strategic direction and overseeing our resources to make sure we deliver the best possible service to our members, partners and our community.
In 2019 voting will be for the two Executive positions of Vice-Chair and Secretary, and five ordinary members.
Queensland Writers Centre members whose annual subscriptions are no more than one month in arrears at the date of the AGM (30 April) are eligible to vote.
You are asked to vote for:
  • One (1) representative for the position of Vice Chair
  • One (1) representative for the position of Secretary
  • Five (5) representatives for the positions of Ordinary Members 
Note: where a candidate has nominated for an executive and an ordinary member position, you may vote for this candidate in both categories.  
For each position the candidate with the greatest number of votes will be elected.