* 1. Did your company/organization exhibit at the 2016 Western Mass Business Expo?

* 2. If yes, how many years have you/your company participated as an exhibitor?

* 3. Did the scheduling of exhibit hours and functions in the exhibit hall give you enough exposure?

* 4. If you answered no, please suggest improvements.

* 5. Did you receive the response from Expo attendees that you expected?

* 6. If you answered no, please suggest improvements.

* 7. Demers Events & Expo services was the official service contractor for the Expo. If you contracted with Demers, how would you rate their services?

* 8. If you sponsored, do you feel that you received the value expected from that sponsorship?

* 9. If you answered no, how could we have improved the value of your sponsorship?

* 10. Any additional comments and/or feedback may be entered here.

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