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* 1. Your name:

* 2. Books on the same topics are shelved together in the library.

* 3. Take a look at this book title in the Library's catalog Sanctified Violence in Homeric Society: Oath-making Rituals and Narratives in the Iliad. How many Library of Congress subjects does this book have?

* 4. What is the call number of this book?

* 5. Identify the name of the journal in the following citation: Clark, Matthew. "Was Telemachus rude to his mother? Odyssey 1.356-59." Classical Philology 96, no. 4 (October 2001): 335-54.

* 6. Pick the two correct choices that complete the following statement.
Peer-reviewed scholarly journal articles …

* 7. Villanova students have online full text access to all journal articles that are indexed in Humanities Full Text.

* 8. When examining the search results in Humanities Full Text, which element do you click to determine if the library has access to full text?