* 1. [Please note: Your responses will inform our systemic advocacy. We may also quote from your answers to illustrate and underscore the issues - but we will always be careful to remove any details that may affect the anonymity of survey respondents]. 

“A livable home is designed and built to meet the changing needs of occupants and visitors across their lifetime and the life of the home.”

The terms ‘Universal’ or ‘Inclusive’ design are also used to describe this type of housing.

Under the National Disability Strategy (2010-2020) all Australian governments (Federal, State and Territory) are committed to these policy directions:

-          “Improved provision of accessible and well designed housing with choice for people with disability about where they live.”

-          “Improve access to housing options that are affordable and provide security of tenure.”

We would like to know more about your experiences and whether you think any progress has been made since 2010 on moving towards these outcomes in Canberra.  Currently, the ACT government has committed to initiatives that encourage universal housing (in the Parliamentary Agreement) and is developing an affordable housing strategy. 

Do you think progress has been made on these housing outcomes, in the last decade?

* 2. About you

* 3. How does having a disability affect the housing options available to you (or others) in the Canberra region?

* 4. How challenging is it to find housing that is both accessible and affordable?

Tell us about your experiences:

* 5. When accommodation options are advertised (online or in print), can you find the information you need about the property’s accessibility?  

* 6. Tell us about any other barriers you have faced when assessing whether a housing option will meet your access needs:

* 7. Have you experienced or observed rental discrimination against people with disabilities? 

* 8. Do you have any ideas for improving access to well-designed accessible housing for people with disabilities in Canberra?

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