Please read through the bylaw amendment proposal and endorsing membership criteria before voting.

As Homes for All moves towards a two year policy agenda, the coalition recognizes the need for an amendable agenda, allowing for the addition or removal of policy and/or budgetary changes as needed. 

Voting closes on Friday, October 12th at 5:00pm.

If you have any questions, please contact Fatima Moore ( or Kari Johnson (

Coalition Goals:
1. Strengthen the relationships between housing and homelessness groups.
2. Coordinate legislative efforts to ensure greater effectiveness.
3. Engage a broader constituency in common policy work.
4. Increase the profile of housing with lawmakers.
5. Create a plan for raising and allocating resources to address homelessness and ensure housing affordability. 

Bylaw Amendment Proposal

Process for proposing adjustments to the legislative agenda:
1. An endorsing member of Homes for All makes a written request by the first Monday in October to the policy co-chairs to add or remove a proposal from the biannual Homes for All legislative agenda. If there is a proposal by a non-endorsing member, they may ask for support from an endorsing member to help make the request.

2. The request must be made using the Homes for All Policy Proposal Application, include supporting documents and a
justification of why the proposal should be added or removed from the agenda.

3. Requests are reviewed by the Homes for All policy co-chairs and the Homes for All policy team will hear presentations no later than two weeks after the first Monday in October.

4. The policy team will discuss and make a recommendation on the proposals two weeks before the Homes for All November full coalition meeting.

5. The Homes for All communications co-chairs will inform the full coalition of the recommendation immediately after receiving the proposal. The Homes for All coordinating team will conduct a survey and collect votes from coalition members regarding the proposals. This must be completed the day before the Homes for All full coalition November meeting.

6. The full coalition adopts the outcome of the vote at the Homes for All full coalition meeting in November.

Endorsing Members:
Any organization engaged in work intended to increase stable and affordable housing in Minnesota is eligible to become an endorsing member.
• Adheres to the goals as articulated above
• Conducts a significant portion of its work in Minnesota
• Endorses the Homes for All legislative agenda
• Organizations eligible to vote must publicly endorse the Homes for All legislative agenda prior to the vote
• Each organization gets one vote

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