* 1. Thank you for visiting our hospital gift shops. We would like to hear your impression of our services. We are always striving towards quality improvement of our gift shops and enhancing your experience. As one of our customers, we are asking for your help in identifying our strengths and weaknesses so that we can focus on opportunities for improvements. This survey is anonymous, so please be honest in your replies. Your feedback is vital in assisting us in making changes or improvements to our service.

Which location(s) do you visit?

  Often Occasionally Never
Community General Osteopathic Hospital
Fredricksen Outpatient Center
Harrisburg Hospital

* 2. When you enter the gift shop are you acknowledged and welcomed in a timely manner?

* 3. Were the volunteer staff eager to help you with your selections? Did they approach you in a timely manner?

* 4. How knowledgeable were the volunteer staff in our gift shop?

* 5. Do you think prices at our gift shop are too high, too low, or about right?

* 6. How important was convenience in your decision to use our gift shop?

* 7. If you had a question about merchandise did the volunteer staff refer you to the gift shop manager or get back to you with an answer?

* 8. Were you aware that the gift shop now offers gift cards for use in any PinnacleHealth Gift Shop? These are fantastic for patients to use during their stay or as a thank you to coworkers and staff or for special occasion gifts such as birthdays or holidays.

* 9. Are you aware that the gift shop is managed by the PinnacleHealth Auxiliary with all proceeds coming back to PinnacleHealth patient care services and programs throughout our hospitals?

* 10. Please enter your name and phone or email below to be entered to win a $25 gift card to be used in any PinnacleHealth Gift Shop