Purpose of the GBRIA Safety Excellence Awards Program

The Safety Excellence Awards recognizes the commendable safety performance of industrial
contractor firms and GBRIA member industrial facilities. The awards are intended to convey strong support by GBRIA members of contractor and plant safety performance, recognizing that contractors have the primary responsibility for the execution of on-site safety while working together with plants and construction project owners to ensure a safe workplace.
Criteria for Nomination Evaluation

The GBRIA Safety Award Selection Committee (participation on the committee is open to all GBRIA industry members, i.e. plants/facilities) will only consider contractors/plants as eligible based on a complete nomination, which includes:

  1. Completed Nomination Form by the plant site/member. 
  2. Completion of form by close of business on February 10, 2023.
Award Categories

Annual Safety Excellence Awards will be presented to qualified recipients in one of the following categories:

  • General Construction and Maintenance General Contractors
  • Civil Construction Contractors 
  • Commercial Construction Contractors 
  • Crane & Rigging Contractors 
  • Construction and Maintenance Specialty Trade Contractors (I&E, insulation, scaffolding, painting, HVAC, hydro blasting, chemical cleaning, etc.). Depending on nominations submitted, additional awards for hard and soft specialty contractors may be given.
  • Technical Support Contractors (engineering, safety, inspection & testing, laboratory, control systems, contracted process work, etc.)

Other Awards Presented:

In each category, contractors will be placed in one of three divisions based on total hours worked company-wide to be compared to companies of similar size. 

  • GBRIA member companies may nominate any contractor falling into the above-listed categories whose services they have used in 2022. 
  • Any nominated contractor sustaining a fatality in 2022 will be immediately disqualified from placement in the awards program. 
  • Member plants are automatically eligible by nominating at least one contractor.
**This form can be viewed in PDF format here to assist you in preparing the requested data and answers. ALL submissions must be through SurveyMonkey and any nominees who submit the PDF will have to resubmit through SurveyMonkey