Sunset Survey

This survey is administered by the Organic Trade Association to assess the necessity/essentiality of substances used in organic production and processing that are undergoing NOSB Sunset Review. The information collected will be passed along to NOSB via the Organic Trade Association’s comments. Please do not include any confidential businesses information. For more information please visit

This survey is for the substance TOBACCO DUST
Tobacco dust (nicotine sulfate) is prohibited in organic crop production. §205.602.

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* 1. Is your operation certified organic?

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* 2. Should tobacco dust continue to be prohibited?

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* 3. You are strongly encouraged to submit your own comments to NOSB. See for instructions.

If you would like assistance or guidance in submitting comments to NOSB, please contact Johanna Mirenda at or provide your contact information below and OTA will contact you directly.