This survey is to examine the different ways in which teachers respond to students and understand how students learn. We are trying to determine implications for teacher training and development. Your results will be very helpful in crafting teacher development efforts to help students succeed in school.

Your participation in this survey is completely optional and non-binding. You are agreeing to participate and understand that you will receive no monetary benefits or any gain and the results will be completely anonymous. You may choose to leave the survey at any time and your results will not be used if you do not give permission to do. There will be no repercussions if you do not complete the survey.

Results of the survey will be posted on this site after December, 2014. Results will be analyzed and compared to search for patterns of response. These patterns will be shared through article publications and presentations. However, individual responses will not be shared, and the data will be aggregated in order to analyze it. You are welcome to check back and view the overall results at that time. Results will be collected on this site and tabulated by the researchers, Dr. Claire Hughes, of the College of Coastal Georgia and MaryCay Ricci of Baltimore City Schools. You may reach Dr. Hughes at or 912-279-5848.

This researcher has been granted permission by the Institutional Review Board (IRB) of the College of Coastal Georgia to collect and analyze this data. If you have any questions, please ask Dr. Karen Hambright at 912-279-5879 or

This survey should take approximately 5-15 minutes.

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* 1. Do you give permission for your responses to be added to the results of the survey?