1. SWAMI Food Survey

You do not have to rank every food. Foods that you do not care one way or another about can be left blank.

* 1. Which foods would you most like to see added to SWAMI? (Scale runs from 0 to 9).

  0-No need to add 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9-Very important to me
acai berry juice
Acorns (white and red)
amaranth leaves
Amla, Indian Gooseberry [Phyllanthus emblica OR Emblica officinalis]
ancho, pasilla, and chipotle pepper
Arrowroot (the Rhizomes, not the powder)
Arum campanulatum (Rox & San)
Ayu, Sweetfish [Plecoglossus altivelis]
Baltic herrings
Beef suet or tallow
beet kvass
blue corn
broths (chicken, turkey, beef  - made with meat, not just bone or marrow soup)
Brown Rice Protein Powder
buffalo and sheep milk and their yogurts
Bulbs, Dahlia
Bulbs, Lily
Bulbs, Tulip
Daylily, any
camphor resin
Cashew fruit
cassia buds
century egg
Chinese "silk squash" (si gua)
Chinese chives (jiu cai)
Chinese Fermented Tofu
Chinese Gentian
Chinese herbs ( ie cooling tea/ liang cha)
Chinese squash (jie gua)
Chinese Tofu from Almonds
Chinese white asparagus
Choy sum
Chrysanthemum, any
Chye sim (Chinese spinach/cabbage)
Citric acid
Comfrey [Symphytum officinale]
Common mallow (malva spp)
Common sow thistle (sonchus oleraceus)
Conger Eel {and Anago which is not Conger but I digress}
corn flower petals
dong qui (I hope I spelled that correctly)
Dragon fruit
Eel, Unagi
elephant ear stems (Bac Ha)
Etorki (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Etorki)
fenugreek leaves
Fugu, Pufferfish [typ. Takifugo rubripes]
Goatfish (also known as red mullet, but not really a mullet)
Gongura (Sorel leaves)
goose/duck fat (http://www.ochef.com/699.htm)
grass jelly,
Green Mango
Green onion (already have Onions, all types)
guava juice
guinea eggs
Hard apple cider -gluten-free (made without grain or using barley)
haws/hawthorne berries/tejocote   (as a food not a supplement)
Hemp butter (different from oil)
herbal jelly,
hops - they make a good herbal tea for mild pain relief and help with a male TMI thing I won't mention.
Italian Flat Green Beans