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The HOA Board and Community Management Team are working together, along with State and County resources, to determine the options for opening our pools. Naturally, we all want to open the pools and gym as soon as possible, but only if we can do so safely.

Apart from the crucial safety issue, we must consider whether an adequate volume of residents will have access to use the amenities. Continued social distancing requirements would likely require us to limit use of the amenities to no more than fifty people (approximately 25 percent of capacity) at one time. If the pools can open, it will not be earlier than late June.

Finally, we must consider the financial impact. The protocols to safely open the pools are likely to result in a significantly higher expense than if the pools were open under normal circumstances for the entire season. Conversely, there have been questions about reducing or refunding HOA assessments if the pools do not open this summer. While not opening the pools would save money, there are also other offsets to that savings that the Board must consider. For example, a reduction in revenue is expected for Lifestyle events, sponsorship and advertising, and amenity rentals.

Opening the pools and following the necessary safety protocols would cost an estimated additional $165,000 above what is budgeted for total pool operations. If nothing else changes this could lead to an $82 increase in the annual assessments or over $20 per quarter per household. On the other hand, if the pool is not opened at all this year and nothing else changes, we forecast a cost savings of approximately $115,000. This could potentially lead to a $57 decrease in assessments for 2021 (approximately $14 per quarter, per household).

The Board, after consultation with the Community Manager, intends to monitor the budget through the fall when we will have a better idea of the overall financial picture.

The Survey: Resident input will be a factor in the Board’s decision whether to open the pool. We are considering the following parameters and restrictions, and we would like your input.

Likely Restrictions for 2020 Season

1. Pool opening not earlier than July 1, 2020

2. Reduce capacity within the pool facility to potentially as little as 50 people total to include staff

3. Depending on the specific guidelines of Phase 2, additional restrictions may include closed wading and activity pools, shallow areas, and lap swim only (as opposed to open swim) which reduces swim capacity to 4-6 people at a time.

4. Households may reserve a 2-hour timeslot once every seven (7) to fourteen (14) days based on demand and may only register current full-time residents of the household, no guests

5. There will be a total of 3 timeslots per pool per day with 1 hour in between each timeslot for cleaning, etc.

6. Cancellation of timeslot due to weather or other factors would not be able to be rescheduled

7. Residents would have to bring their own chairs and umbrellas as pool furniture will not be available

8. Eating areas will be closed

9. Adherence to social distancing requirement up to 10 feet apart

10. Sign a waiver prior to entering the pool facility

Survey responses will be accepted until close of business on June 10th 

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* 1. What is your Willowsford address?

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* 2. If you lived in Willowsford during the 2019 pool season, approximately how many days did you or your family use the pools per week?

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* 3. Would you be in favor of opening the pools under these or similar parameters?

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* 4. Would your household attend the pools under these parameters?

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* 5. Do you recommend pools being closed for the 2020 season?

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